Primarily Yours

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Primarily Yours

It should have been a time of happiness but it wasn?t. Instead, it seemed like Laura was trying to put a puzzle together that she would never see the end of.

It seemed her mother, Charlotte, was more excited about the wedding than she was. Her mother was determined to make everything perfect. Laura had wanted everything to be perfect too at first, but she was to the point now that she didn?t care. She just wanted to get the planning over with so they could move on the next step. 

Charlotte had become a jolly pain in the ass over the last few months. She insisted on planning every aspect of the wedding. She was way alain lyle porn too nitpicky for Laura?s taste when it came to clothing.

She would take Laura to all kinds of wedding stores and have her try on just about everything in the building. She experimented with different shades of make-up for each dress and different scents of perfume to go along with the outfits. For once, Laura knew how it felt to be a model.

She was standing on a stood in their living room in her wedding dress. Her mother was standing in front of her meticulously searching for flaws. Her eyes danced across Laura without a hint of dissatisfaction until she got to the shoes.

?Sweetheart, I think your platforms are just too tall. It makes your dress look too short.?

Laura looked down, and sure enough, the bottom of her wedding gown was raised just enough to show a little ankle.

Exasperated, she said, ?Mother, it?s late. All the stores are closed. I don?t have time to get new shoes before the wedding tomorrow. What am I going to do??

She was on the verge of tears. Preparing for a marriage was way more stress than she expected. She stomped her foot and started fidgeting. The joy drained from her eyes and she started to pout.

?Take a breath,? Charlotte said with a rye smile. She caressed her /daughter/">daughter?s face with both hands and said, ?The /first-time/">first time I laid eyes on you, your face was all scrunched up like it is right now. You were three years old when I adopted you and I told you then that I would always make sure that everything was alright. Is that what you need to hear right now??

?I can?t even wear your shoes because your feet are so much smaller than mine,? said Laura. Her attitude wasn?t getting any better.

?I can make the dress longer, Honey. Take it off.?

?You don?t have time to make the dress longer,? said Laura as she peeled the white gown off her shoulders.

Her hair was dark and flowed to the bottoms of her breasts, which were currently exposed because she wasn?t wearing a bra under the dress.

They were unsure of her ethnic background. She could pass for Caucasian, but her eyes were so slanted. There had to be some Asians in her family tree somewhere.

Her boobs were large and firm, but with just enough sag to let you know they were real. Her waist was slim and her ass, petite, but round and very supple.

?You have a million things to do before the wedding tomorrow,? Laura continued. The only thing she was wearing now was her panties.

?Have you got any better ideas?? asked Charlotte. She folded the dress being careful not to let it touch the floor and draped it over the back of the couch.

?Yeah,? said Laura flopping onto the loveseat with her arms folded. ?Call the wedding off; I don?t wanna do it.?

Laura had been a brat from the moment her mother adopted her and apparently marriage wasn?t going to change that. The only difference between the three-year-old Laura and the adult version was that her tits had grown enormously.

Charlotte kneeled in front of her, said, ?Sweetheart, you got the pre-wedding jitters. Everybody gets them.?

?Did you??

?You bet I did. The day I married your father, I walked down that aisle, took one look at him and thought, ?Am I out of my mind to marry this man???

Laura smiled for a moment and said, ?I guess you were. You got divorced.?

?Yeah, but I got you.?

The phone rang. Charlotte got up to answer it while Laura was putting another dress on. 

She heard her mother refuse to hand the phone to her, which let her know it must have been her soon-to-be husband on the other end. She didn?t care if she could talk to him as long as she could have a break.

She slipped out the back door, got in her car, and went to Lex?s house. Lex was her ex-boyfriend. The door was open when she got there so she just walked in. He was pouring a cup of coffee in the kitchen.

Laura felt butterflies in her stomach the instant she saw him. He was tall and muscular with shoulder-length, blonde hair. He?d taken Laura?s virginity and was the first man that Laura had ever loved.

The relationship faded as they got older, but they remained close friends. He was the only man that she?d ever cheated on any of her proceeding boyfriends with.

?You?re not supposed to be here,? said Lex when he saw her approaching him.

?I don?t care,? said Laura. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. Then she pushed him away and said, ?You son-of-a-bitch. Why couldn?t it have been you, huh? Why can?t I be marrying you tomorrow??

?Because you love him,? replied Lex.

?No I don?t.?

?Baby, you?re just nervous. You?ll be okay.?

?Were you nervous before you got married?? she asked.

?Yeah?all three times.?

They chuckled. She kissed him again. This time it lasted longer and she was squeezing him closer.

?Will you make love to me one more time?? she asked.

He thought it over for a brief moment. He knew it was wrong to have sex with a woman the day before her wedding, but how could he say no to those pretty brown eyes staring up at him?

He lifted her onto the countertop and began kissing her from her mouth to her breasts and didn?t stop until he?d gotten to her thighs.

Laura?s pussy was already soaked. A pleasant scent met with Lex?s nose. He became eager to get a taste of its source.

Laura let the straps fall from her shoulders and lifted the dress over her head. Lex started licking and sucking on her pussy through the panties.

She leaned back on the counter, slid her underwear off, and opened her legs as wide as they would go. She was lying on the kitchen table totally naked except for her high-heel pumps.

And there it was?Laura?s pussy. Lex hadn?t seen it in so long. It was hot and wet enough to give off a glimmer. Her pubic hairs were cut low and tapered into a triangle that seemed to be pointing to her clit.

Lex lowered his head and the cunt-licking commenced. ?If I married you, I wouldn?t kiss you. I?d just kiss your pussy,? Lex said between breaths.

Laura managed a soft giggle before her head fell back and her eyes started rolling around in her head.

His tongue would soak her clit, tickle her piercing, glide up and down her cunt, and slip into her asshole for some anal rimming. All you could hear was Laura screaming like crazy.

He let her get two orgasms before he helped her to her feet and led her backwards to a wall while kissing and groping her all the way.

They kissed for a while longer. Laura?s mouth dropped open when she felt his fingers sliding into her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy.

She dropped to her knees and grabbed a handful of cock. She wet her lips and took him deep, using her hand to stroke the few inches that couldn?t fit in her mouth.

Lex held onto the wall behind her for balance. Laura was sucking him hard and her hair was flying all over the place. When she paused to wiggle her tongue over the cock head, her hair was a complete mess.

?Let me fuck your mouth,? commanded Lex.

Laura opened her mouth wide and timed her indian santali xvideo suctions with his hard thrusts.

She was getting horny beyond control. Her legs spread wider with every thrust. She needed to get fucked now.

She sat on the kitchen counter next to the sink and spread her legs from east to west. They both watched the cock head as he gently slid it inside. It was so wet and swollen the hole seemed to suck him inside.

?Oh, yes, just like that,? moaned Laura.

?Just like that?? said Lex as he plunged the full length of his cock in her.

?Yes!? she screamed.

?That?s gonna make you cum.?


Laura was gasping and Lex was pumping harder as the minutes flew by. She wrapped a leg around him and the grip tightened as the tingle in her pussy intensified.

Loads of pussy juice began spilling down Lex?s cock as he mercilessly rammed her so hard that her head and shoulders banged against the wall behind her. She closed her eyes and dug into the countertop and let the orgasm overtake her.

?Oh, baby!? cried Lex. ?Baby, take my cock and make me cum.?

He pulled his dick out and Laura fell to her knees, once again sucking, slurping and jerking his meaty cock until jets of /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum splattered all over her lips, hands, and tits.

She kept masturbating him and kissing his cock head even after every drop was out. It would be their last time together and she wanted it to be something worth remembering for a long time.

When she was done, Lex helped her get dressed. They went to his home office to talk. Lex could tell something was bothering her. He assumed it was because she?d just cheated on her fianc?. She was pacing the room staring at the ceiling and she seemed to be fighting some kind of internal struggle.

?Laura, I?m sorry if you regret what just happened between us.?

She said, ?It not that. It?s the wedding. My mother?s gonna kill me. I can?t go through with this. I just won?t show up at the wedding tomorrow.?

She looked away when she saw the gaze that Lex was giving her. He looked like he wanted to smack for saying something so dumb. ?Well, I think you should let everybody else know so they don?t show up either,? he said.

She called her mother immediately. ?Hello, mother,? she said. ?I have something to tell you. I?m thinking about calling off the wedding tomorrow.?

She winced and held the phone away from her ear. Her mother yelled so loud it hurt.

In defense, she said, ?Mother I said I?m just thinking about it. Will you calm down??

There was no calming down on Charlotte?s part. She?d spent too much time and money preparing for this wedding and she knew Josh was good for her. She slammed the phone down, picked it back up and called Laura?s father.

?It?s that bitch calling,? said the voice on the other end. Charlotte heard the phone exchanging hands.

?I?m sorry, Charlotte,? said Alvin, Laura?s adopted father.

?I can?t believe you let her get away with that!? barked Charlotte. ?I?d like to wash her fucking mouth out with soap!?

?Is that why you called??

?No. I think you should talk to Laura. She?s ready to call off the whole wedding, ya know??

?And what am I supposed to do about that??

?Well maybe if you talk to her and change her mind about coming, then maybe she?ll feel a little better about coming.?

?You know my stand on that. I won?t go without Tammy.? Tammy was the woman who?d answered the phone.

?You are not bringing that tramp to the wedding!? yelled Charlotte. ?And if you were any kind of a man, you?d put your daughter ahead of your dick for a change!?

Sarcastically, he said, ?I?ll give it my sincerest consideration, Charlotte. Good bye.? He /hung/">hung up.