Carpenters Apprentice

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Carpenters Apprentice

I was just eighteen, fresh out of high school when I
landed my first real job working for a small construction
company. The work required me to spend a lot of time away
from home, which was a new and exciting experience.

Dean, the owner of the company, was in his mid?thirties.
He had a body that was like a rock and a handsome face. He
gave the outward impression of being someone to reckon with
if you dared cross him, but deep down he was as gentle as a

Dean was the kind of boss who worked right along with
his crew. I guess, because of my age, he saw me as being
someone who needed some nurturing, and being the fatherly
type, took me under his wing.

When ever we were on an away job, the crew stayed at a
nearby motel, but Dean insisted on staying in the small
trailer he always brought to the construction site.

Concerned about the /bad/">bad habits I might acquire if I
spent too much time alone with the rowdy, more experienced
men, Dean insisted that we bunk together. I thought he was
being overly protective, but he was the boss.

After just two days on the job, the shower went on the
blink. The guys offered to let us shower at their motel, but
Dean being the resourceful type, assured them he already had
the problem solved.

Shortly after dark, once the site was abandoned, Dean
strung a garden hose around behind the trailer. ?Whose going
to be first?? He asked, tossing me a towel. I guess he must
have detected my expression of apprehension. ?You hose me
down first,? he volunteered. ?Hell, I ain?t shy.?

It was night, but the ample moonlight allowed me to make
out the detailed features of Dean?s huge muscular body. When
he was ready, I directed a fine spray over him, discreetly
checking him out.

There was something about seeing him naked that made me
feel strangely warm inside. I forced my eyes to look away,
but they insisted on returning to the shadowy image of his
soapy /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock.

Dean shivered as he dried himself. ?Well, unless you?re
sleeping outside, you?re next,? he said. ?The water?s cold,
but it feels great.?

I was reluctant, but began taking off my cloths. I
stripped all the way down to my briefs before hesitating.
?It?s just you and me, kid,? said Dean. ?There?s not another
soul around.?

Taking a deep breath, I hooked my thumbs over the top of
my briefs and peeled them off. Dean immediately turned the
hose on me, dousing my sweaty body with the refreshing spray.

Hurriedly, I ran the soap over my wet skin, working up a
good lather that cascaded down my body like a sudsy
waterfall. A couple of times I looked at Dean and was
stunned by the way he was leering at me. I?d never before
had anyone study me with such intensity. Dean?s searching
eyes made me uneasy, but they also excited me, enough to make
my temperamental, young cock restless.

Dean?s attention appeared to be glued to my semi?erect
cock, which only teased my organ to show off even more. As
the last of the grimy froth dripped from my tightly
contracted nuts, Dean turned off the hose and stood staring
shamelessly at my sizable, full blown hardon.

He shook his head, smiling. ?I was just trying to
remember what it was like to be your age,? he said, reaching
out to give me a playful pat on my ass.

His innocent gesture gave me goose bumps, I was excited
beyond belief. His hand had touched my naked ass. I
suddenly found myself wondering what it would feel like to
have him grab my wagging stiff cock.

Christ, what was I thinking? What was happening to me?
I tried to get him off my mind.

It was a hot night. The inside of the trailer was like
an oven. Getting to sleep wasn?t going to be easy. As I
laid on top of the covers, wearing only a pair of jockey
shorts, I drifted into a state of fantasy. It was a fantasy
as steamy as the night air; an erotic vision that triggered a
massive erection.

A space of four feet separated my cot from Dean?s, but
it felt like he was lying right beside me. I could feel the
heat radiating from his muscular body, passionate heat that
was about to drown me in my own sweat.

A security light cast a dim, amber glow through out the
interior of the small trailer. I could see Dean resting
peacefully. I needed to jack off in the worst way.

I turned onto my side facing away from Dean. The head
of my stiff, eight-inch cock was poking out over the elastic
of my briefs, dripping for attention. Reaching down, I
affectionately pinched the spongy knob smearing the gooey sap
that leaked from my piss hole between my thumb and fingers.
I pulled down the front of my shorts and began to slowly
stroke my rigid slab of teenage meat.

?Does that feel good?? Dean?s words shattered the
silence like an explosion, causing me to nearly jump out of
my skin.

I immediately let the front of my shorts snap back up,
but they failed to conceal the full length of my pulsing
tool. In a rather lame attempt to hide my self indulgence I
yawned and looked over my shoulder. ....... .what??

Dean was now sitting on the edge of his cot staring at
xxx me. I was embarrassed, but I tried not to let it show.
Cramming my tormented prick down inside my underwear, I
rolled onto my back hoping not to arouse any further

Dean reached for the switch on the wall and we were
suddenly bathed in a harsh, revealing light. ?You know,?
Dean said, gazing lustfully at the sizable bulge straining
against the crotch of my briefs, ?for your size, you sure
do have a /cock/big-cock/">big cock.? I knew he was referring to the fact
that I was only five feet nine inches tall and weighed all of
a hundred and thirty pounds.

I felt my face glowing red and hot. Dean shook his head
and smiled knowingly as I pulled up the sheet to distort his
view. ?I can always go outside and have a smoke if you want
to finish taking care of business,? he said.

?I -- I,? I couldn?t even speak.

?Better yet,? he said, coming over to sit on the side of
my cot. ?Why don?t you let me help you take care of

I laid paralyzed as he tossed back the sheet and pulled
my underwear down around my knees. The stiffness afflicting
my quivering young cock had not subsided in the least, if
anything, my cock had gotten even harder.

I moaned as Dean?s fingers slid up the insides of my
down covered thighs, pausing as they reached my swollen nuts.
My head spun as he gently rolled my aching bangers with his
callused fingers.

?My God, boy, you?re so full of juice you?re damn near
ready to pop a load.?

Sweat streamed down the sides of my face as Dean locked
a fist around my pulsating cylinder. It took my breath away
when he squeezed my shaft until the head of my dick was
stretched so tight that it seemed to glow in the harsh light.

Wetting his lips with his slippery tongue, I could see
that he thirsted to sample the single drop of shimmering pre-
cum that had emerged from my piss hole to fill the shallow
well at the tip of my organ?s bloated crimson crown.

?Mmmmmmmm....nectar of the Gods,? Dean sighed softly,
bending down to take my succulent knob between his slobbering
hungry lips.

I closed my eyes, listening to him grunt and groan with
satisfaction as my sticky sap washed over his hot, wet
tongue. My entire body trembled as Dean stuck the tip of his
tongue into the slimy slit of my piss hole. My organ lurched
ruttishly as he lapped greedily, slowly moving his talented
mouth further and further down the shaft of my pulsing organ.
I watched with utter amazement as he greedily consumed the
entire length of my cock.

I could keep silent no longer. ?Oh fuck, that feels so
good,? I panted. ?I?ve never had a blow job before.?

Dean snaked my thick wad of meat out of his sweltering
gullet. ?I take it then that you approve?? He said,
flicking his tongue up and down the tubular underbelly of my
rigid organ.

?Oh God, yes! Please don?t stop. Suck my dick some

?You know,? he said, wiping the drool from his chin, ?I
might be persuaded to do just that, provided you?re willing
to return the favor.?

I looked down between his huge, hairy legs and stared at
the enormous, elongated bulge tenting out the leg of his
baggy boxer shorts. ?I don?t know,? I said.

?It?s either that, or you let me fuck your /sweet/">sweet, little
ass,? Dean said, slowly pushing my legs into the air so that
he could scrutinize the tempting contours of my tender butt
more closely. Truth is, I was so fucking horny I was willing
to do almost anything.

Gently, Dean began caressing my ass, filling me with
overwhelming curiosity. I drew my knees up against my chest
urging him to explore further. He ignited a fire inside me
when he pulled the muscular cheeks of my smooth buttocks
apart, making my small, pink pucker vulnerable to his

Slowly Dean sank down onto the cot and buried his face
in the crack of my ass. I nearly shot my wad when he crammed
his thick spiky tongue deep inside my musky asshole.

Spit soon saturated the crack of my ass and a single
finger pierced the wispy halo of man fur that surrounded my
flexing anal orifice. I shivered uncontrollably as his
invading finger wiggled its way into my spastic rectum.

?Damn, you?re tight,? Dean sighed, easing a second finger
up my twitching butt.

I had fingered my bunghole a few times while jacking
off, but it had never felt like this. Dean?s thick fingers
felt so porn videos download wonderful inside me, I heard myself whimpering with
/ecstasy/">ecstasy, begging for more.

The tips of his embedded fingers raked over my internal
reservoir of semen and I could resist him no longer.

?Okay,? I said weakly. ?You can fuck me, but you have
to promise to go slow, and to stop if it hurts too bad.?

?You got it buddy boy!? Dean said, slipping off his
underwear as I did the same. His cock was not as big as
mine, but it was still an impressive tool. The thought of
having something that size up my ass had me sweating bullets.

Rising up on my hands and knees, I watched anxiously as
Dean sheathed his veiny lance with a lubricated condom,
After taking position behind me, he eased the head of his
dick between my butt cheeks and engaged my resistant rim of
anal muscle.

My fingers dug into the bedding, knotting into tight
fists as the massive head of his steadfast hardness burst
into my virgin hole. I howled with agony as his entry sent
shock waves riveting down my legs and up my spine. A final
jolt of searing pain surged through my manhood as he
smothered the entire length of his bony flesh deep into the
warmth of my quivering asshole.

?Christ, you?ve got a snug little butthole,? Dean
panted. ?I haven?t had a piece of ass this tight in years.?

I moaned torridly as his tempo increased, rising to a
fevered pitch. The discomfort had vanished, passion now
filled me, as /raw/">raw and as urgent as any I had ever felt.

Dean grunted, slamming his man-rammer deep into my ass,
rotating his hips to make his organ wiggle around inside me.

?Ohhh, yeahhhh, bang my boy-box. It feels great,? I said
hoarsely. ?I never thought that doing it with another guy
would be anything like this, so erotic.?

?So you like getting fucked, do you??

?Oh yeah. I love it.?

Dean snickered smartly as if he had known all along that
I would. ?Being such a pretty, young boy, I had a feeling
you were hot to be screwed.?

Dean was panting hard. I could feel his hairy balls
contacting as they slapped wetly into the valley of my gaping
butt crack. He was close to coming, his manly load was
churning, boiling up for release.

Grabbing hold of my hips, Dean road me hard, thrusting
his steely cock inside me and holding it there. His orgasmic
organ jerked so violently I thought it was going to lift my
impaled ass right off the bed.

I gasped as Dean pulled his trembling dick out my
flexing bunghole. I immediately rolled onto my back and
started stroking my sappy prick.

?That?s it,? Dean cooed, tearing off the slimy rubber,
frantically yanking his cock. ?Beat that fucking piece of
meat. Yeahhhh!?

He huffed passionately as the searing white heat of his
pent up load spurted across my bouncing nuts. Strands of
creamy cock juice trickled down my balls to fill the crack of
my aching reamed ass. Dean?s mouth gaped lewdly as his raspy
breath faded from burning desire to blissful contentment.

A final drop of milky semen oozed from his strained piss
hole as he dove between my gaping knees to bury his face in
my steamy crotch. His slippery tongue saturated my nuts with
spit as he lapped up his spent wad. Squirming feverishly, I
shoved my dick in his face, longing to feel his /mouth/hot-mouth/">hot mouth
consume me.

?Oh yeah, suck my dick!? I cried. ?Take it down you
throat like you did before.?

As his sensuous mouth closed around the shaft of my
cock, I thrust my ass up off the cot, driving the soggy knob
of my thick fuck muscle against the back of his throat. Dean
groaned as his slobbering lips matted my pubic fur with his
escaping drool.

I dug my fingers into his thick, black hair, fucking his
mouth with a flurry of savage thrusts. My ejaculation was
emanate. My aching balls contracted to form a satiny pouch
beneath Dean?s bristly chin.

My cock jerked as it slid from Dean?s mouth. ?I?m gonna
cum!? I groaned in a fit of lustful insanity. ?Please, jack me off!?

Dean seized my cock, his tight fist hammering away at a
frenzied pace. My entire body was covered with a torrid
sweat as I wiggled and squirmed, bucking against the /sensual/">sensual
thrusts of his pumping hand.

A whipping rope of semen launched through the air
landing on my chest, another splattered across my lips. The
taste of my own cum triggered a third and fourth volley of
gooey jism. By the time my ejaculation had subsided, my
entire torso was saturated with pools of shimmering white
cock cream.

From then on, by day Dean was my boss and by night, he
was my lover.