3some or not

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3some or not

Maybe its time to let my readers find out more about the people in my life . Like my friends , I do have many friends , some close friends , some friends , well all kinda friends who play a part in my life . In this story I am gonna tell you about two of my closest male friends , Kris and David . They are both around my age and they both are real party animals . All they do in the weekends is party , party and even more partying . And I must say that they are good looking . So they don't have a hard time finding females to party with . But both don't want a relationship cause they want to enjoy life some more before getting into a serious relationship . 

David comes from a rich family . His has a company that employs about 200 people . For his 18th birthday , David got this huge apartment from his parents . As a birthday gift . So David lives on his own , no worries for him , a job career in his daddies company ahead of him . His future is safe . So all he wants is having fun . And Kris , well he simple follows David in everything he does . I know them both for about 8 years now . We have become very close friends . Even so close that I have had sex with both of them through the years of our friendship . I never had a relationship with one of them but I have had occasionally sex with them , with Kris and David . Sex , no strings attached . 

About 3 years ago , I was 22 , I was laying on the couch watching TV . It was a boring Friday so far "and already evening . I didn't know what to do so I watched some series on TV , with some chips and cola . Around 7 pm my phone rang . I answered the phone and it was David . He asked me what I was doing so I told him I was bored . After talking for a few minutes he asked me if I wanted to real forced anal against her will come on over at his place to watch some TV with him and Kris . That sounded like a nice idea cause I didn't have any plans anyway for the evening . I told him I would be there in an hour . I refreshed myself in the bathroom , put on some make up and some nice clothes . Always need to look good in front of your friends I think . I put on a baby blue velvet toga skirt with a small side slit with a matching tank top . A black lace bra with matching string and some boots under that . I got in my car and around 8pm I arrived at David's apartment . I knocked on his door . A few seconds later Kris opened the door , letting me in . 

I walked in to living room where David was sitting in the couch . He got up and walked to me and gave me a . I did the same with Kris . I took a seat in the couch and we started talking about the latest gossip and stuff . In the meantime David got us some drinks , Safari Orange 'mmmh I love that one . Before we knew it , it was already around 9.30 pm when David suggested to put on a movie . I sipped on my 4th Safari Orange while David put the videotape in the VCR . Kris was sitting in the 2 persons couch and I was sitting with David in a 3 persons couch . David grabbed the remote and hit the play button and took place next to me . The movie began , and to my these bastards had put on a porn movie , those naughty devils . They wanted to see my reaction , see if I would be mad or if I would be shy or anything but I didn't want to give them that pleasure so I acted like there was nothing wrong and I just watched how the first scene started . It was my pleasure to see that David and Kris didn't expected this , but it seems they liked the way I reacted cause they also continued to watch the porn movie . After the second scene I was getting really turned on by all that sex exploding from the screen . I was getting wet between my legs . The guys were getting horny too cause I noticed them shifting legs , feeling uncomfortable by the bulge growing in their pants . The alcohol from those Safari drinks made me loosen up and the porn movie made me horny . In the meanwhile I shuffled closer to David and I laid my head against his shoulder . David laid his hand on my knee and started rubbing my leg . His warm hand slowly moved to the insides of my thigh as I parted my legs a little . His hand moved further under my skirt and he reached my string . I looked at Kris as he was watching us with one eye . David pulled aside my string and moved a finger up between my swollen pussy lips . His finger ended up all wet when it reached my clitoris . A slight moan escaped from my mouth . I looked at Kris again , he was watching . Quickly he turned his head back to the TV when he noticed that I caught him watching . David placed his finger , covered with pussy juice at my lips and I let his finger slip into my mouth , letting the juice run over my lips , sucking on that finger . David smiled as his hand disappeared again under my skirt . Slowly he guided his finger inside my moist pussy .He started moving his xnxxv sunny leone video finger in and out . I closed my eyes and enjoyed this moment . A second finger was inserted inside me after a few seconds , stretching my pussy . David's lips met my neck as he started kissing and licking my neck all over while his fingers were massaging the inside of my trembling pussy . David took my hand and laid it on the big bulge in his pants . I unzipped his jeans and moved my hand inside his jeans , grabbing his and pulling it out off his boxers . It was hard as rock and gently I started to jerk him off as he kept on fingering me . I was breathing deeper and deeper as he was giving me a good time with his fingers . 

I opened my eyes again as I looked at Kris . He smiled as he had his cock in his hand and was slowly jerking himself while he was watching me and David . I smiled back at him , followed by a wink . I turned back at David and whispered some naughty things into his ear . One of those things were that I wanted to feel his cock inside my pussy . He whispered back that we were not alone in the room . I told him that I might enjoy the fact that we were being watched . He smiled devilish and pushed me on my back . I grabbed my purse from the floor and handed a condom to David . I pulled off his jeans and boxers and wrapped the condom around his shaft . Kris was pulling a bit faster now on that hard cock of him . David laid down between my legs as I parted them open wide for him after pulling up and wrapping my skirt around my waist . Slow and gentle as he is he guided his hard cock inside my pussy . It felt so good to feel his hard cock stretching my cunt open to receive his manhood . He guided it all the way inside me on the first stroke and filled my pussy up completely with hit meat . I wrapped my arms around him as he started moving his body up and down on mine , his cock sliding in and out of my pussy . All the time Kris kept watching us and jerking himself off . I was moaning louder now and David was moving faster . My back was rubbing up and down on the leather couch . My legs wrapped around him so I could pull him deeper inside me . 

At one moment I almost felt a bit of guilt cause Kris was all by himself but I forgot about that guilt quick cause David grabbed my legs and pushed them up , to let my legs rest against his shoulders . He started pounding my pussy harder and faster . His balls slamming against me as I was moaning so loud that we couldn't hear the TV anymore . David had his eyes closed , his face turning red as he started moaning , his cock pounding harder inside me as he was reaching his orgasm . To my surprise I felt my own orgasm building up inside me as I screamed it out . The muscles of my pussy massaged his cock as we both reached our orgasm at the same moment , his sperm filling up the condom . It felt fantastic . David lowered my legs again and got off me and took place next to me as I was recovering from my orgasm , still enjoying it . I heard Kris moaning too as he also came . He blew his wad in his hand , poor fellow . Maybe it was his turn next time . I felt guilty . I smiled at David who was worn out from the intensive sex we just had . Kris hurried for the bathroom to clean himself a bit while David got rid off the condom . I made myself decent again .

The porn movie was turned off and we watched some TV for the rest of the evening . We didn't talk about that moment for a long time . Actually all 3 of us felt a little ashamed that we did that . But on the other hand it felt so incredible horny and erotic . Every time I think about it , I still tremble on my legs . That's how I found out that I don't mind and actually like it when somebody watches me when I play with myself . I am still not sure if this was a 3-some , or not 'maybe a half 3-some ?

I hope you enjoyed reading this story . Again , this was a true story , no . So if you don't like my story , maybe you don't like ? Mail me anytime if you want to get in contact with me "I don't bite "hard !