Wild weekend

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Wild weekend

How can I begin to explain?

I was 40 at the time. I had a 18 year old /son/">son. I was lonely.

For the last two weeks I had wet sexual dreams. I could not have a shower without having an orgasm. I was in a desperate need for some serious sex.

Late June in Melbourne, Australia, can be a very depressing tome.
Short cold days, even colder lonely nights. I could not afford it, but I could not help myself.
I booked a two week holiday to Cairns in far North Queensland.

I could not wait for Friday afternoon. When it finally arrived, I was on my way north, with my freshly waxed, aching pussy. I settled in my apartment just after 8pm.

The weather was just great, warm and humid. I got dressed, almost, and went outside.
I did notice the sleazy looks I was getting from the man behind the reception desk. I could almost see his hand rubbing his groin under the counter, as I walked by.
I could not care less.

It was quite windy outside. The silky material of my short dress was gently caressing my thighs as I made my way towards the centre of the town. The wind was strong enough to move the flimsy fabric of my dress to expose my breasts. I did not try to hard to prevent it, as the streets were quite empty. The feeling of freedom, the warm wind, the sticky moisture in my pussy... I was on fire.

The first club I found , that matched my heart beat, 150 bpm, was my choice.
/surprise/">surprise, surprise, I was let in without any problems. The bouncers let me in drooling and smiling.
I went straight for the bar. Gin and tonic in my hand, I settled in a secluded area of the club. From the inside of my panties I retrieved a small plastic bag, took two little pink pills in my hand (hidden inside a condom in my pussy on the plain), took them in my mouth and swallowed them with a half a glass of the G&T.

I new it must have been only psychological, as I felt my heart rate increase even more the moment I felt the bitterness of it going down my throat. I was so excited...

The ambience was just right. Loud, rhythmic music, flashing lights, warm air filled with cigarette smoke, smell of alcohol and wet perspiration. I was just in a trance. I did not have a watch on me, but it must free porn movies download have been the TIME.

The excitement was building up. I had to do something. For some reason I was /scared/">scared. I didn't want to move. A few minutes later I felt someone rubbing against my ass. I felt a shiver going down my spine. Stumbling, I turned around, facing a young man with a silly grin on his face, sweaty, shirt open, as well as part of his pants. The next thing I knew, he was close to me, very close...
I could not stop it. He was on his knees, lifting my dress, licking my thighs, his tongue searching for my pussy. Once he found it it was all over. I did not want to let him go. After some time, filled with what felt like multiple orgasms, I pulled him up, and kissed him on his mouth. It tasted like my womanhood and my piss. We ended up in an empty cubicle. He removed the arm strings of my dress, I was sitting an the top a table, my dress reduced to a thin strip of fabric around my waste. But I just did not care. He just pushed me down, sat on a vacant chair and started licking my pussy, wile I rubbed my exposed breasts. I was in heaven, the rhythm of the music, the warmth of his tongue, the visual effects and the additional hands rubbing my body, appearing from nowhere, drove full hd xvideo download me /crazy/">crazy.
What drove me over the edge, was his finger in my anus and someone's drink spilled and licked of my stomach.
I had to go to the the toilet, I had to purge myself...

Once in the cubicle, I bent down, inserted the neck of a small plastic bottle in my ass emptying its contents into my bowels. I refilled if and did it again and again, massaging my pussy and my anus every time a stream of warm water exited my body.

I went back outside, dressed, sort of, my dress by now was wet and clinging to my body. My secret admirer has disappeared.
My head was still spinning and my pussy was pulsating. I went back to the bar, ordered a new drink, and without even thinking I reached for a fruit plate, a banana to be exact.

By now the eccy has really taken over my senses. My vision was delivered in frames, music touched me deep inside, I needed to touch someone, touch myself, I needed to be touched.

I was sitting on bar stool, one hand on a drink, and the other one inserting a nice Queensland banana I my pussy. I don't think I was too discreet, as I got a few helping hands /female/male-female/male-and-female/">male and female.

This is when, to my and the security staff's disappointment, I was asked to leave the club.
I left quietly, so did the other 60 people as we made our way towards the beach...

The next thing I remember was me licking a nicely shaven pussy with a taste of sand in my mouth. There was something else, there was a dull pain in my ass, and a filling of someone fucking my hard from behind.
Only when I cried out in pain, someone kissed me on the mouth pushing a bitter pill between my lips.

*** Adventure begins