Awesome lady

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Awesome lady

It was a Thanksgiving vacation in a /college/">college town and my buddy Joe and I were talking about what was going on and he reminded me he had a girl dropping by but if he wanted he?d ask her if she had any friends for me and my buddies. It was ironical but just as we discussed it Marilynn, Joe?s girl and Betty, her friend were leaving work. Joe asked if she minded if the three others were coming by and if she had any friends in town please invite them and they?d figure out something to do.

Around 7 Marilynn arrived with Betty, saying they would be it as most of their friends were either home for Thanksgiving or were with family. The girls came in and joined us for a drink but with 2 guys for each girl someone suggested we might play cards until the weather cleared. After the first hand of poker everyone was bored as we were playing cards with no purse, so Joe suggested we play strip poker. Marilynn said to count her in and eventually she convinced Betty to agree. This stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv was exactly opposite as one might expect because I knew only 4 grad students, including Joe who fucked Marilynn and 22 who fucked Betty. I?m sure both had more but these were the ones I knew. As we played it was obvious Marilynn luck was /bad/">bad and also was not good at poker and Betty was only slightly better As both girls had /tits/big-tits/">big tits we were hoping one would quickly loose their bra but wondered if they?d go through with it. The next hand my wish came true as Marilynn lost and surprisingly removed her bra. The very next hand it was Betty?s to loose but as she removed her bra she tried to conceal her big tits. The guys all joked about Betty being shy and Joe, thinking out loud, said we?ve got Marilynn?s to look at. One could see that Marilynn was really turned on as her panties were soaking wet.

The next couple of hands were uneventful as it looked like the girls hands improved and Joe and John?s were headed downhill. Both, like the girls were clothe white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie only in under shorts while Rick and I were still with our t-shirts and underpants on. But Marilynn?s luck seemed to change as she lost having nothing with 8 high. So now she had a decision to make and it was obvious that she gave it no thought as she stood up and provocatively removed her panties. Everyone seemed surprised at how adroit she was and the awesome sight we had of her pussy. At this point Joe suggested spicing up the game with sex, to which Marilynn rapidly agreed and Rick and I shouted yes. John seemed hesitant and Betty felt that it would be inappropriate as there were only two girls present and Marilynn swiftly commented that she was willing to fuck all 4 guys so lets continue. Betty still seemed unenthusiastic about this opportunity but eventually Marilynn changed her mind.

As Betty lost her panties it was her back to the guys and keeping her legs together as she awkwardly sat back down. After all were naked it was decided that Joe would fuck Marilynn first and John would get Betty first. Betty suggested that only one couple head to the bedroom at a time and Marilynn not only wanted both couples but also all the guys in there. Upon entering the bedroom Marilynn turned on the light to Betty?s dislike saying since were going to fuck all let them see what they are getting. After fishing the first round I suggested a second round and Betty said Bob you know that was not part of the agreement. Marilynn, on the other hand said ?anyone who wants me I?m willing to continue and fuck till your worn out?. Marilynn stayed around and fucked us Rick, one time, Joe and I two times.

The next day the four of us had lunch and discussed the girls. All agreed that there was a world of difference, Marilynn was inspired, moving her hips and contracting her muscles while Betty just acted about the same as a dead fish. Betty was tight and dry, Marilynn on the other hand was as wet as any of us had ever had and larger than most, which was good since we are all bigger than average. Marilynn was obvious every time she achieved at least two times with all and three times with Rick.

We all decided never to turn her away, if the chance occurred and appreciated the fact that Joe let his girl fuck us. Joe added it was great to see what she could do and how well she responded. Joe also told us that before leaving Marilynn thanked him for letting her experience multiple partners and hoped it could happen again. Her parting remark was I never thought sex could be so pleasurable and every woman needs to experience this awesome time.